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The Good Guide to Creative Practice

An Ethical Guide to Sustainable and Inclusive Creative Practice for Students
Design Heitor Laforga
Research & Design Heitor Laforga, Claire Long, Evan Tobin
Ilustration Arthur Balitskii/
Programme & Funding N-TUTORR IADT Fellowship Project
Supervisor Dr Hilary Kenna | email:
Project Goal This guide is designed to empower students of Creative Arts, Design, Media & Technologies to embrace sustainable and inclusive principles over the course of their studies. It aims to provide a set of basic principles and pointers to resources, that can help students to gradually build awareness and knowledge in the areas of sustainability; equality diversity and inclusion (EDI); and tech(nology) for good.
Our mission as a student community is simple: to do our best not to harm people or the planet in our creative work.

What is The Good Guide

The Good Guide is an initiative aimed at equipping students of creative arts, design, media, and technology with the knowledge and tools to embrace ethical and inclusive practices in their work. At its essence, The Good Guide promotes sustainability, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and harnessing technology for positive impact. The objective is straightforward: to minimise harm in creative pursuits and actively contribute to positive change.

Navigating concepts such as sustainability, EDI, and tech for good can be daunting. This is where The Good Guide comes into play. It is an introductory handbook tailored to provide clear explanations of these complex topics and offer basic principles to aid understanding.

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Useful Links & Resources

Below are a list of links to useful information, explainer videos and animations, as well as toolkits and other helpful materials relating to the three key themes of The Good Guide. We will be adding more! You will find a more larger list in the digital version of The Good Guide that you can download at the end of the page.



Tech for Good

Funded by N-TUTTOR

This student fellowship research project, An Ethical Guide for Sustainable and Inclusive Creative Practice for Students of Creative Arts, Design & Media Technologies was funded by the National Technological University Transformation for Resilience and Recovery (N-TUTTOR) initiative.

N-TUTTOR is an innovative collaboration across the technological higher education sector in Ireland comprising of seven partners: Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), IADT, Munster Technological University (MTU), South Eastern University (SETU), Technological University Dublin (TUD), Technological University at the Shannon (TUS).

N-TUTTOR aims to transform the student experience, empower learners, developing staff capabilities and implement sustainable digital ecosystems in technological higher education in Ireland.