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We’re looking to build change with you. Being interdisciplinary gives us the flexibility needed by projects of all shapes, sizes and scope. Our focus is on not-for-profit projects. Building on IADT’s healthy network of partnerships, we’re forging new relationships and collaborations with groups, organisations and companies who, like us, believe in design for positive change. How do you want to work with us?


Public Design Lab captures the research and networking that already takes place in IADT. We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, in industry and the community at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  •  A Playful City
  • Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
  • Department of Unusual Certainties
  • Institute Without Boundaries
  • Wove


  • Workshop

    A short focused design thinking and sprint workshop with students and facilitated by faculty. One day

  • Charrette

    A deep dive into the issues on an extended design workshop with students and facilitated by faculty. One week

  • Modular design project

    Short and intensive, involving undergraduate or postgraduate students and facilitated by faculty. Four-six weeks

  • Design research project

    Immersive design research project involving undergraduate or postgraduate students and facilitated by faculty. Single term (three months)

  • Major research project

    Significant project running over the academic year, conducted by a postgraduate student and supervised by faculty. Single year (nine months)

  • Longitudinal research study

    Major study, usually undertaken with more than one partner. Two-five years

  • Joint project

    We have an open call for proposals or briefs and are actively engaging in joint collaborative projects. See Work with Us. Varying, depending on project

Our Methods

Critical, creative, experimental

Critical, creative, experimental

We employ a critical consciousness in all our work. We promote a diverse range of theories, principles, and methods underpinning design strategy, systems thinking, critical design, communication design and user experience design. Our methods are people-centred and eco-centred.

Design process

Design process

We employ an empathic, iterative design process that prioritises prototyping and testing. We combine creative and critical thinking, including a range of ideation methods such as experimental and emotional design approaches, world-building, and speculative design futures.

Why this approach works

Why this approach works

This process ensures that our work meets the needs of the people, organisations and environments affected by the research problem. However, we also consider the broader view of unknown or previously unconsidered needs and problems, often resulting in unexpected and innovative proposals and solutions.

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