Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire

Design as Nature

"You are a living being in living worlds, what can you discover by opening up to and corresponding with those worlds?"
IF - Social Design for Sustainable Cities

Design as Nature - Workshop and Presentation at the IF conference 2020

A ecological design workshop delivered to an international and dispersed student in Warsaw as part of the IF Social Design Conference 2020 hosted by PJAIT in Warsaw. Through a range of experimental research methods (embodied exercises and experiments) student participants actively engaged with their immediate environments, urban and/or rural. These exercises were intended to decentre the human and re-centring the more-than-human increasing their ecological consciousness with a view to developing a capacity for ecoliterate design which students. The conference itself was shortlisted for a New Bauhaus Award in 2021.


image of IF conference publication standing upright on a window sill with an out of focus Warsaw city skyline in the background